Life Cycle Assessment with TEAM™ 5.2

A powerful and flexible tool to calculate and improve the environmental performance.

While taking into account the environment in products and services becomes a factor of differentiation and creation of value, Life Cycle Assessment is more and more used as a steering tool for strategy and innovation. By editing the last version of its tool, TEAM™ version 5.2, PwC proposes to users an easy running of the world-wide recognized methodology of LCA and its more strategic application, eco-design, in order to meet market needs.

A powerful and flexible tool Life Cycle Assessment software

  • TEAM™ allows the LCA practitioner to build and use large databases. Any system representing the operations associated with products and processes of a company, regardless of its complexity, can be modeled, parameterized, calculated and analyzed. Its simulations mode allows the use of a pre-parameterized database for non-experts and the easy making of LCA and Eco-design studies.
  • TEAM™ enables the description of any industrial system and the calculation of its related life cycle inventories and potential environmental impacts according to ISO 14040 & ISO 14040 standards.
  • Its Russian puppets principle is very intuitive and allows adapting the construction of the model to your needs.
  • The version 5.2 of TEAM™ reinforces the database search facilities, facilitates the use and accelerates the modeling. A saving of time and a guaranty for the traceability of your LCA.

A LCA's software easy to use

Once the database is parametrizeds, control panels enable to manage it in order to carry out simulations, while keeping a traceability between raw data and results. Improvement levers for eco-design can be identified in this way.

TEAM™ parameters are entirely configurable at all steps of the life cycle. Its multiple layers structure (Russian puppets) is very intuitive and enables to adapt the model construction to your needs.



Information fields offer an optimal and detailled information in compliance with ILCD format



Each module contains the input and output data, and the tracking of some key indicators (like renewable energy for example).



A powerful searching tool to find any combination of characters for systems, modules and flows names (in the example all which contain 'but' and 'met')



TEAM™ 5.2 main news

  • Modeling, calculation of impacts and sensitivity analysis in one single interface
  • New functionalities and redesigned interface making its handling even more user-friendly
  • Smart search for objects within the database
  • No installation program, software and database can be used from a USB stick

Users feedbacks

"TEAM™ 5.2 is more user friendly and has an improved graphical interface compared to the previous version. It is a reference tool for an expert use (eco-design, modeling…) and to deal with huge volumes of data necesary to the production of Environmental Product Declarations"

A user from BOSTIK (chemical sector)

"TEAM™ 5.2 is a powerful tool for experts and beginers to make Life Cycle Assessment"

A user from the building sector

"TEAM™ 5.2 is much more intuitive than the previous version. Management and creation of modules, systems, variables are now simplified and new functionnalities as the status or paths allow to guaranty the right calculation process. Making LCA would become almost a child's play!"

A user from Bolloré Thin Papers

Good reasons to use TEAM™ 5.2

A multi-users licence without any installation programme

With TEAM™ 5.2, database search and exchange are facilitated. The user can export its whole or part of its project databases to light text files and exchange them with other users easily. All the LCA project from the modeling to the calculation of impacts and running of simulations can be made in a single exe file which does not require any installation and can be used from a USB stick. Stability, speed and traceability are guaranteed.

TEAM™ 5.2 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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A consistent and opened database

TEAM™ 5.0 makes available all the information fields in compliance with what is prescribed by the JRC (Joint Research Center of the European Commission) and its ELCD database.

Its import and export allow using other data sources such as Ecoinvent, which data can be automatically imported (automatic import with Ecoinvent version 2.2).

A fist set of data (DEAM™ Starter Kit), covering the major and common utilities such as energies and transportations, or some public databases (plastics, cardboard, building products) is included in the TEAM™ 5.2 licence.

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A large choice of assessment methods

With TEAM™ 5.0, you get also access to a very complete set of impact assessment methods including those recommended by the Joint Research Center. Among these methods are the IPCC 2007 coefficients for greenhouse effects, the last version of CML or Usetox. Weighting and normations methods are also included.

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TEAM™ 5.2 package, a multi-licence including training and maintenance!

By purchasing TEAM™ 5.2, you join the « TEAM™ Users' Club », among which you can regularly exchange your experiences with other industrials and researchers during friendly meetings.

Users also benefit from associated services included in the TEAM™ 5 package:

  • A training to its use;
  • One year of maintenance including hotline and upgrades;
  • A help to the conversion of project databases for users of TEAM™ 4.

Once purchased, TEAM™ version 5 license is definitive and accessible to up to 20 users within your site. Maintenance for the following years covering software and databases updates is proposed on a yearly basis.


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